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Jeet Kune Do Is Well Known For Modern Kung Fu

                                 Jeet Kune-Do is the bound by no style or method. Jeet Kune-Do was developed by world famous martial artist Sir Bruce Lee in 1965 (Los Angeles). It is non-traditional, ever changing and ever flowing. It is simple, direct and effective without unnecessary movement. JKD uses all ways and is bound by none and likewise uses any technique or which serve its end. JKD, avoids the superficial, pene-trates the complex, goes to the heart of the problem and pinpoints the key factors. It utilizes the primary elements of wing Chu (Ving Tsun “Contonese”) Gung-Fu, Western influenced Boxing body mechanics and movements, French and Western Influenced Fenchin stop- hit techniques and positioning.

About Jeet Kune Do

Founder Of Jeet-Kune-Do

Jeet Kune-Do is like a  mirror where we can find out sol’s identification. Now a days Jeet Kune-Do famous as sports in all over the world JKD is a art which is effective from children to elders. Jeet Kune-Do varies with each  practionered is alive with and infused in broken rhythm.


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Bruce Lee fighting method

                          Jeet Kune-Do is a Bruce Lee fighting method. Other elements such as: Western Style Wrestling (Strangle holds,leg tackles), Judo (Joint locks, ground-work, chokes, leverage and balance), French Style Savate (purring kick) & Muay Thai Boxing (hook kick, elbow and knee strikes and were also included.

Jeet Kune-Do is quick, deceptive and powerful

                       JKD is comprised of realistic, effective, street-wise fighting techniques for the reality of combat. It is based upon the principles of simplicity, realism and individuality. JKD uses fast punches and strikes, powerful low level kick, trapping hand and grasping skills practical. Weapons training is also apart of our JKD program. In other words, JKD is one of the most in depth and comprehensive combat material art training programs used for one’s own personal protection.